Member Registration Policy


  1. Only online registered members can avail online services of Best Price Stores
  2. It is the member’s duty to ensure proper usage of online services and to further ensure that persons authorized on its behalf can only do the purchasing from Best Price Stores specifically understand the obligation that the merchandise purchased are not for personal consumption and only for business purposes of resale, commercial, business, institutional and/or industrial use only. Any deviation from the aforesaid will entitle Best Price Stores to block\suspend his\her online account and the membership, and to take such other action(s) as may be necessary
  3. Member is liable to ensure that his / her login id and password is not disclosed or transferred to any other person and that all online services at are used only for its own business purposes Billing address will always be the registered membership address
  4. You should have a valid/active e-mail id for registering onto to online Best Price Flipkart Wholesale Store
  5. For updating your registration information like address, pincode, mobile no etc, please contact membership desk of your registered Best Price Store