Mobikwik scheme

  1. Eligibility and Offer Period:
    (i) This offer can be availed by all members of Wal-Mart India Private Limited ("Company") who are registered as per its Membership Policy ("Members") and purchase from the Company's e-commerce platform at www.bestprice.in and/or the Best Price mobile application (collectively referred to as the "E-Com Platform").
    (ii) This offer is valid from 3rd December 2018 to 14th December 2018 ("Offer Period").
    (iii) A Member is required to make a minimum purchase of value of Rs. 7.500/- (Rupees Seven Thousand Five Hundred) in a single bill/transaction from the E- Com Platform during the Offer Period to avail the Offer (defined in point 2 below).
  2. Offer:
    (i) This offer is applicable only in case where the Member has an existing Mobikwik account and has a pre-accumulated Supercash amount in the same.
    (ii) A Member shall be eligible to utilize Supercash as detailed below against purchases made by it on the E-Com Platform against a single transaction only during the Offer Period:
    (a) Supercash to a maximum of Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) available in its Mobikwik wallet, provided the Member has carried out the detailed KYC formalities along with One Time Password verification on the Mobikwik wallet portal.
    (b) Supercash to a maximum of Rs. 100 (Rupees One Hundred only) from its Mobikwik wallet, in case the Member has carried out minimum KYC formalities on the Mobikwik wallet portal.
    (c) Supercash to a maximum of Rs. 50 (Rupees Fifty) in case the Member did not carry out any KYC formalities on the Mobikwik wallet portal.
    * For details pertaining to KYC formalities, please refer to the Mobikwik website/
  3. The Supercash amount is non-transferable, non-substitutable and non- encashable.
    For any concerns or uses related to the Supercash, the Member is required to contact Mobikwik at: https://promotions.mobikwik.com/inapp/faq/supercash.
  4. Any dispute pertaining to the Supercash shall be addressed to Mobikwik and shall be resolved by Mobikwik directly with the Members at its sole costs and expenses.
  5. In case of any queries regarding this Offer, the Member may contact us on the Best Price Member Support Centre at 1800 3010 1911.
  6. Participation in this Offer is purely voluntary. By participating in this Offer, the Member fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions as well as the decisions of the Company, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Offer.
  7. Employees of the Company, their dependants, agencies associated with this Offer and their employees shall not be entitled to participate in this Offer.
  8. The Company shall not be held responsible for any factors which are beyond their control.
  9. The Company reserves the right to alter, modify or change any terms and conditions or discontinue, suspend, terminate, withdraw the Offer at any time during the Offer Period at its sole discretion without any notice to the Member.
  10. In case of any abuse or misuse of the Offer, the Company reserves the right to disqualify the usage of the Supercash by the Member against its purchases on the E-Com Platform.
  11. By Participating in the Offer, the Member agrees not to make any claims (including special, indirect and consequential losses) against the Company or its directors and employees. Any losses, claims and actions of any kind resulting from the Offer, shall be at the sole liability of the Member.
  12. All disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of New Delhi.