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Membership Policy

How can I become a member of the Best price Store?

What are the documents required for becoming a member?

What is the duration of membership and how can I renew the same?

Which licenses are accepted?

Business Policy

Can more than one person do shopping on same card?

Is the Best Price card of one city accepted in other cities?

Can a member purchase products other than those which are required for his business?

If an end consumer visits Best Price and wants to purchase products, will you allow him?

Is it mandatory to submit the bills to the government that we purchase at your store?

Do you submit member wise purchase details to the Government?

If a member purchases products which are not applicable to his business, will he face any problem from government?

If your store is my Godown than, can you keep my purchased stock for 3 months?

Are kids allowed into the store?

What if my card gets stolen?

Are my license details shared with other members?

Is my purchase history shared with other members?

I hope my contact details are not shared with other marketing agencies?

How many people can accompany me to the store?

Can I take more than 1 card on my license copy?

Can I take extra cards for my family members?

How much time is required for new registration?

Which ID cards are accepted during Membership Registration?

Delivery Solution

Do you provide FOC delivery?

What is the delivery solution and what are the rates like?

In case of urgency what are the delivery timelines?

What is the minimum consignment value for availing delivery services?

Need clarity on who is responsible for delivery done by 3rd party? Also will they unload the stocks delivered?

How is loose material handled?

When is the payment to be made for the delivery of goods?

What is the Policy on shortages in delivery or damaged goods?

Is the merchandize insured during transit?

In case of transit loss, who would be responsible to claim insurance?

Payment Solutions

What are the Payment modes you accept?

What is Airtel money? How do I enroll for the same?

Are there any monthly charges for using Airtel Money?

What is the minimum amount for Airtel Money and what is the maximum amount?

Do you have a credit facility?

What is the process of getting Kotak credit card & how can it be used?

Will Kotak give any discount if I pay my PDC amount in 7 days instead of 14 days?

Do you have cash collection facility from the shops?


What is the minimum purchase value and quantity?

Is there a maximum limit for purchasing

Can the prices of goods be negotiated further?

Is there any price difference for small and big business members?

Is there a tier pricing on basis of the order quantity?

In case there is a change in promotion after purchase will you honour a change in price?

How do you ensure that your prices in commodities are competitive?

Will there be any special offers in the Best Price store?

How will I come to know about your schemes?

Expiry & Returns

What is the warrantee/guarantee on electronic items?

What is the replacement policy in terms of quality and quantity issues?

What is the Policy on expiry of products?

How do you take care of any manufacturing defects?

Can orders get cancelled from your side due to unavailability of stocks?

Will you replace product in case of any defect?


How will I be invoiced?

Is there a limit in terms of quantity/amount for the purchase of a single item?

Do you provide duplicate bills?

Can a member get his old bills?


What is the range you have at your store?

Do you keep local brands and assortment?

Do you sell “Fire Works”?

Do you have your own brands?


Can the stocks/goods be blocked for a member ?


How will it impact distributors, if your selling price is less than market?

Do you have QPS schemes

Can you provide order booking and delivery like other companies?

Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers (HORECA)

Is a bill mandatory if we purchase items from Best Price?

Does VAT reflect in the bill ?

If I don’t want my billing to be in tax invoice, will you do it?

How many members are allowed to enter into the store on one card?

Is there a policy on return of unused merchandise which is in saleable condition?

Is there a provision for payment on delivery of goods?

Can you deliver or provide Fruits & vegetables early in the morning at 5.00 am if required?

What’s the range on exotic vegetables and ice creams?

How do you fix prices of Fruits & Vegetables?

At what time do you deliver vegetables?

Are your prices of vegetable & meat higher as compared to local market?

HoReCa needs larger packs in commodity eg; 50 Kg, 25 Kg; does Best Price also have them?

Do we get Frozen Veg and Non Veg at the Best Prices Stores?

Offices and Institutions (O&I)

Can anybody do shopping from my Best Price Card?

Is there any customer service on the floor?

Is it mandatory to account the purchased bills in taxation?

How are the prices at Best Price different from Modern trade?

Do you sell OTC drugs ?